Course Catalog

Course Length: 

  •  One Hour

Workshop Details: 

  • Safety Talks Program
  • Wallet Card / Certification

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • The Regulations- Industrial and Construction
  • Legal Duties / Responsibilities of : The Supplier, The Employer, Manager, Supervisor, Workers, Joint Health & Safety Committee, Health & Safety Representatives, Contractors, Sub-Contractors
  • Workers Rights, Rights to Participate, Right to Know, Rights to Refuse Unsafe Work
  • Conducting Safety talks with your Employee
  • Types of Safety Talks- Different Topic
  • Encoding Safety into the DNA of the Organization
  • Review of Core Safety Rules and Progressive Discipline
  • The Safety Program-Procedures, Forms
  • The Accountability System- Internal Responsibility System
  • Activating Change

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate necessary Knowledge and skills, as per Legislative Requirements, Act and the Regulations, Understanding the Organization of Policies and Procedures


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