Course Catalog

Course Length: 

  •  Three Hours

Workshop Details: 

  • Employment Standards Guide Book
  • Wallet Card / Certification

Learning Objectives: 

  • Hours of Work, Overtime
  • Stat Holidays, Vacation Pay Calculations
  • Employment Contracts
  • Written Policies and Procedures
  • Company Protocols
  • Leaves- Absences, Medical, Maternity, Bereavement
  • Termination of Employment, Severance Pay, Termination Pay
  • Enforcement
  • Additional Information

Learning Outcomes: 

  • This Course Provides a Foundation to the Rules Governing Employment and is Relayed in a Easy to Understand Format, Definitely Easier Solution then Trying to Read and Interpret the Legislation on your Own.
  • An Excellent Course for Managers, Supervisors, Payroll Personnel, Accountants.

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