Course Catalog

Course Length: 

  •  Three Hours

Workshop Details: 

  • Workbook
  • Standards
  • CSA Codes
  • Circle Checks
  • Best Practice Guides
  • Chainsaw Inspection
  • Written Evaluation
  • Wallet Card/ Certification

Learning Objectives: 

  • Discuss Accident Relating to the Specific Equipment
  • Review Injury / Accident Statistics
  • Discuss Training Qualifications, Competencies for Operators
  • Demonstrate Pre-Operational Equipment Inspections- Circle Checks and Functional Checks
  • Review Safety Features and Safety Markings
  • Discuss Safety Operating Procedures, Including Operating Controls, Felling, Bucking, Limbing
  • Discuss Safe Handling, Transporting and Storage
  • Review Hazard Identification and Dangerous Activities
  • Discuss Refueling Procedures
  • Complete Written Evaluation

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Participants will be able to demonstrate necessary Knowledge and skills, as per Legislative Requirements, CSA Standards, Understanding the Organization of Policies and Procedures

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