Here you will find some helpful information on using the Front Line Training program.


To start, go to the following URL:


If you have not already created an account, click the 'New Account' button.


Fill out the requested fields. This information is necessary to have the proper records for the training you have completed. Please remember that users should not share accounts - each user doing training must have their own account. You will need an email address to complete the sign up process, as well as your company name.  If you do not have an email address, please contact us so we can manually register you.









Once you have completed the registration, you should be logged in and viewing the Registration screen. If you have not been pre-registered for any courses, this will be empty. Navigate to the 'Catalog' tab to view the courses available to you.




Select the course you want to take, and then proceed to the checkout process. Depending on your company, you may not need a credit card to proceed with the checkout process. If your account has not been pre-paid, complete the process using your credit card.


Once complete, you will be able to start taking the course.




If you require further assitance please contact us or email





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